Wednesday, October 3, 2012

STAR Bake Sale - Huge Success!!!

S.T.A.R. held its first Bake Sale of the semester on October 1st. 
Mentors and Buddies came together to donate baked goods including cookies, brownies, pies and a multitude of beautifully decorated cupcakes.
S.T.A.R. would like to especially thank Nicole Mahig, Afshan Haq, Christina Talavera, Nicholas Amster, Dana Hetzel, Rosalie O'Brien, and Paulette Porfyris for their assistance to the STAR Bake Sale by either donating baked goods to our table or assisting in selling goods at the table during Common Hour.
S.T.A.R. was able to raise money to support the variety of upcoming programs both this and next semester.

The next upcoming S.T.A.R. fundraiser will be Dining to Donate at Applebees in Fresh Meadows. Come out and join the S.T.A.R. Coordinators and members for dinner and a good cause.

Did you see the amazing cupcakes? Which was your favorite? Sunshine? Mickey Mouse? Despicable Me?


  1. My favorite cupcake was the Minions that Rebecca made. They looked amazing and were delicious!

    - Alice

    1. I thought the Minion cupcakes were so cute!! I can't wait to try to make them myself. Thanks for the great idea, Rebecca!

      I bought one cupcake that looked like a flower - it was so good. Thank you to whoever made it!

      - Madeline Brewi

  2. I love Oreos big time so I really enjoyed the Mickey Mouse cupcakes but for em it was really all about the Pumpkin Pie and the chocolate chip cookies

    -Mike Fallon

  3. Everything looked yummy! Wish I could have been there.

  4. I was sad that I missed the bake sale. The cupcakes looked delicious! I hope there is another bake sale soon!!

  5. I was not able to attend the bake sale, but found the coordinators or more so, they found me in DAC with the leftover goodies! Me and two friends bought the rest of the pumpkin pie and pecan pie. With 3 forks we enjoyed the goodies with slight stomach aches afterwards. It was well worth it!! Looking forward to more treats!!

    ~Amanda Lalena

  6. I would love to participate by dinning at Applebees. But is that the only Applebees we can go to? I usually don't stay in Queens after my classes and I won't be able to go to that Applebees. It would be amazing if we can go to the other Applebees either in the city or brooklyn.

  7. The Dining to Donate is only at the Applebee's in Fresh Meadows. You can go any time that day to have 10% of the bill donated to S.T.A.R., so feel free to go right after class!

    - Alice