Monday, November 28, 2011

Topic of the Week: Professional Development Events in the School of Education

The School of Education hosts a variety of events and workshops almost every week to prepare students to enter the professional world, network, or engage in professional discussion on various topics in education.

Tell us about an event you have been to. How did it benefit you as a future educator? Why was it interesting? What did you learn? 

Some examples include:
  • Teacher Certification Workshops (Violence Prevention, Child Abuse)
  • Careers Outside the Classroom
  • E-Portfolio Workshop
  • Job Search Workshop
  • Stacey Bess Lecture
  • Kappa Delta Pi Assemblies
  • Career Fair
For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the School of Education website at

Monday, November 21, 2011

Topic of the Week: Teacher Certification Exams

For our first discussion topic, let's talk Teacher Certification exams. As we know, all future educators are required to take a series of exams to become a licensed teacher in New York State: The Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST), the Assessment of Teaching Skills (AST-W), and the Content Specialty Test (CST). Remember, it is essential to begin preparing for the exams as soon as possible and avoid saving them for the last minute. It is wise to complete all exams before you apply for student teaching your senior year!
All freshmen should have already registered for the LAST exam. St. John's offers various preparation courses throughout the semester, which students can sign up for in Sullivan Hall room G-06. Finally, it is important for students to inform the Dean's Office of the status of all exams and report scores as soon as they arrive. 

For more information on the NYSTCE, visit The website even offers practice exam questions and helpful study guides!
Further information can be found on the St. John's website,

Tell us: Which exams have you taken? What did you think? How did you prepare for the exam and what advice do you have for students about to take it? 

*Please remember to keep all posts both positive and professional. Any negative or derogatory posts will be removed promptly.*

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Extravaganza

The S.T.A.R. Halloween Extravaganza on Monday, October 31st, proved to be a spectacular bonding event as buddies, mentors, and School of Education students got together to sit back, relax and enjoy a bit of Halloween fun. Pizza was served alongside delicious baked goods and candy donated by generous members of our S.T.A.R. team, many of whom displayed their Halloween spirit by arriving in full costume. Mentors and Buddies had the opportunity to take photos, watch the classic Halloween movie "Hocus Pocus," and perhaps share a laugh or two. At the close of the event, the S.T.A.R. Coordinators awarded two prizes, treat bags filled with candy and a Starbucks gift card, to the best dressed mentor/buddy pair, Kelvin Sage and his freshman buddy, Saalima Welch. Congratulations to the most spirited duo, who dressed up as Batman and an adorable school girl. The S.T.A.R. Coordinators were thrilled at the large turn out and enthusiasm of all who attended. It will certainly be one of many exciting events to come!