Wednesday, October 24, 2012

St. John's Open House 

  This weekend, St. John's hosted their first open house of the semester.  Prospective students came to tour the campus and receive information on the vast programs the university has to offer.   

The School of Education hosted an Information Session in Sullivan Hall, in which Dean Ross, Dean Willis, Dean Haluska, and a variety of professors and students talked about the program and shared their experiences at St. John's.  The S.T.A.R. program was represented that day by your coordinators, Mike, Alice, and Rebecca, who sported the new S.T.A.R. Coordinators apparel. 

Did you ever attend a St. John's Open House?  Did you go to the School of Education Information Session?  How was it?  What were your first thoughts about the school and program?

  If you were were to give the high school students any advice about the application and decision process, what would it be? 



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  2. I think our open house had a great turn out this year. I met two girls who seemed really interested in coming to St. John's. Rebecca, if Miriam comes to St. John's you know I want her as my buddy next year since she would be a Spanish Concentration and from LI.

    I did not attend an open house at St. John's. I originally did not plan on coming here, I applied to it because it was free and St. John's kept emailing me so I figured why not. After I got accepted and arrived late to Accepted Student's Day (so I never saw the SOE Presentation) I fell in love with the atmosphere at the school and I knew it was right for me.
    That would be my advice for students. Do your research. Kind of like when we spoke about "envisionment" in my EDU 1012 class with Dr. Schaefer. A good student and future teacher needs to do all of the research possible at a school. Like majors offered, various expenses, activities, etc. Then after the applications are sent out and student's receive their decisions it builds up. Now Financial Aid comes into play and a second tour is taken. It is a giant learning experience. I had to learn the hard way because I applied to 14 school and was accepted into 11 of them so I had to go through 11 Financial Aid packages and look at 11 different programs and possible future plans. I had to choose between St. John's and Adelphi, and even though St. John's was a little more costly, I have never looked back once and I am loving every day. I know not all college students have this same love for their school though. Like my friend is a freshmen at LIU Post right now and at first she liked it and now she absolutely hates it. She is transferring to Molloy, if she had done all of her research and listened to me when she was looking at schools, maybe she would have chosen the right school from the start. I truly wish all college students can find a school that they love and feel "at home" at like I have here.

  3. I wish that when I attended the open house, I went to the School of Education information session. My first semester I was a Psychology major and I immediately hated it. When I switched to Education, I was on cloud nine! I would suggest that high school students really explore their options and find out what each major entails before commiting! I would have started my freshman year on a much better foot if I hadn't jumped right into Psychology.

  4. I came to the open house last fall, and the SOE orientation was my favorite! I was so amazed at the program, and knew that it had to be part of my life. I especially remember the 2 speakers talking about what they liked and didn't like at the university as a whole. ;)