Thursday, October 18, 2012

City schools want hire authority

City Department of Education officials said they’re planning to seek state approval to certify teachers on their own for the first time, without the aid of colleges or universities.

Shael Polakow Suransky, the Department of Education chief academic officer stated “We don’t want to have to depend on a university in order to train our teachers.” State officials would have to OK the bid.

What does this mean for Students in the School of Education preparing to be a teacher? 
The move would allow the city to grant teachers the initial certification needed to enter a public-school classroom for up to five years. Currently, prospective teachers have to earn college credits in teaching and education before getting hired.

What does this mean to you? 

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  1. This really worries me because I believe that parents would not want their child(ren) to be taught by someone that didn't earn college credits. I wouldn't want to be taught by them either! Unless the city creates some serious standards, I do not think their plan will be successful. I believe that as future teachers we can never be prepared enough to be teachers. We need classes, professional developments, and student teaching to shape us and expand our knowledge before being in the classroom on our own. It also seems like a double standard--we tell children to go to school to get the best education possible, yet their teachers may not have to complete a college or university degree??

  2. If they did this, how would they hire teachers? Like there has to be some criteria that people have to meet in order to be hired right?

  3. I don't know what kind of standards they would set but it just seems a little ridiculous. Especially in terms of Adolescent Education. How can you teacher an 11th or 12th grade class when your highest level of education is that same as your students. There is a reasons high school teachers have college degrees and college teachers have a Masters degree or higher. You need a great level of education in order to teach high levels

    - Mike Fallon

  4. I agree Mike! I feel like in many ways this would undermine those teachers who pursued higher education to become well rounded educators. A university education is essential to understanding the whole student, teaching is so much more than being an expert in a particular subject!