Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Topic of the Week: Education Courses at STJ

The School of Education offers a variety of courses that prepare students to become successful educators after graduation. Starting with Foundations of Education and ending with Student Teaching, the pathway to earning a degree in education contains unique and exciting courses all related to the field of teaching. Although Adolescent and Childhood Education are two different majors, they are required to take overlapping courses such as Human Relations, Special Education Foundations, and Technology and Society. For this week's discussion, we invite you to share your favorite Education course thus far at St. John's. 

For more information about the School of Education's program requirements, click here.

What EDU class did you learn the most from? 
How will you apply what you learned to your future teaching career?


  1. I am currently taking the Technology course (EDU 1015) that all Education majors are required to take. As somebody who is terrible with technology i was kind of hoping to slip into the back of the class and just kind of make it through. Well, that did not happen at all. The class is extremely interactive and demanding but I love it. I have learned to do a lot of really interesting new things like creating a Wiki that I can easily implement in my future classroom. I may not be great with technology but with this class I definitely learned a thing or two.
    - Michael Fallon

  2. I am so thankful that the School of Education requires its students to take a Special Education course. Having had no prior knowledge about how learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, and emotional disorders really affect children in classrooms across the curriculum, I gained so much invaluable knowledge from EDU 1008. Although it was a great deal of work, I benefited from all the homeworks, in-class assignments, and large group projects at the end of the semester. EDU 1008 opened my eyes to a unique group of students many teachers fail to learn anything about. I loved my Academic Service Learning as well, which involved my shadowing of a Special Education teacher for three full school days.

  3. I'm a Childhood education major. I love both of the Levy's classes! They make the class fun and give us a chance to see how students will act and think through hands-on activities. Their classes are the methods of teaching math and science. We are learning the methods from them in variety of different activities. I used to hate science but Professor. Levy made science interesting and exciting! In general, I love their education classes the best!

  4. I completely agree with Ei Ei! My favorite EDU classes are any classes that the Levy's teach! They are the most amazing professors and we learn so much from their courses. Although some of the activities we do seem childish, they are really beneficial because we get hands on experience on what we could do in the classroom with our future students.