Monday, April 16, 2012

Topic of the Week: Diversity in the Classroom

One of the biggest challenges that both novice and experienced educators face each day is teaching diverse classrooms. The term "diversity" does not just mean racial differences; in fact, it includes students with disabilities or giftedness, varying religious beliefs, different cultural backgrounds, unique personalities and interests, and individual learning styles, to name a few. It is the teacher's role to ensure that all of these students, regardless of background, is given a quality education. In whatever means necessary, the teacher must make sure that the entire class reaches the same lesson objective. How will you perform such a task while valuing and promoting diversity in your classroom? 

The following are examples of strategies to encourage diversity in the classroom: 

  • Take the time to learn about your students' background, interests, and learning style
  • Allow time for the students to learn about each other and gain an appreciation for the diversity they bring to the classroom.
  • Bring in different people to the class as resources that students might be able to connect with.
  • Never tolerate bullying, teasing, and other put-down behavior at any time in the classroom.

What will you do to address and promote diversity in your classroom? 
How will you instruct learners with a variety of needs and abilities? 

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