Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What is S.T.A.R.?

Students Teaching Academic Responsibilities   

S.T.A.R is a mentor program within The School of Education that will provide assistance for first year students (freshman and transfer students) in the following areas: 
  • Academic assistance (mentor/tutoring)
  • Peer to Peer conversation about being a teacher
  • Updates about St. John's and The School of Education
  • Group gatherings and trips       
S.T.A.R. is designed to:
  • Provide assistance for freshmen and tranfer students in all areas of college life.
  • Facilitate their transition into St. John's University and the School of Education and become familiar with the resources that the School has to offer (i.e. lecture series, seminars, workshops) to ensure a well-rounded STJ experince.
  • Build a stronger and better comprehensive understanding of the world of education and learn what is expected of them as future teachers.
What are the benefits of participating in S.T.A.R.?
Assist freshmen and transfers to:
  • adjust to the university environment
  • become involved within the community through service
  • build relationships with other students and faculty memebers
The Rules and Regulations of S.T.A.R.:         
-Do not misrepresent the St. John’s University name while being a part of
-Do not use:  Foul language at any university function, on the Internet or
  towards your S.T.A.R. buddy or mentor.


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