Monday, March 25, 2013

Teacher's Pay Rates

Can a Teacher Actually Make Good Money?

When people choose careers there are a few key points that people focus in on. Generally these include safety, job security, vacation time, room for advancement, and salary. When discussing teaching as a profession it is commonly seen as a great job and is held in high standards with all of these factors except one: Salary. In today’s economy many college students are going into fields that have high salary rates. The preconceived notion that teachers do not make much money is hindering the field.
With just a little bit of research all of a student’s worries could be dismissed. While teachers never achieve the multi-millionaire status that some people in other fields may dream of, in New York City schools they start at a higher pay rate than the city average. According to the Department of Education:

“Starting teacher salaries range from $45,530 (bachelor’s degree, no prior teaching experience) to $74,796 (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree plus 30 credits, 7.5+ years teaching experience).  Teachers who have a master’s degree but no teaching experience will start at $51,425.”

“With annual increases plus increases for additional coursework, teachers’ salaries will rise to the current maximum of $100,049 per year over time.”
While this may not be the best salary around it is more than enough to allow somebody economic stability and should not prevent anybody with a passion for teaching from following their path. If it is what you want to do there is no reason not to go for it 100%

Is money one of your key worries with the teaching profession?
Does this information make you more comfortable with your choice in becoming a teacher?


  1. Money is always something that I have had a debate over with those people who are not studying to be a teacher. This statistic helps me prove my point that teachers can make a sufficient living. But my comment on this topic is that going to this profession should not be about the money. It is about wanting to educate others and molding those students into future lawyers, doctors, actors, etc.

  2. Every time I tell someone that I want to be a teacher, the first thing that they say to me is "Aren't you worried about the pay?" It is a really common misconception that ALL teachers get paid a low salary. There are options to get better pay and people outside of the field sometimes don't know that. However, at the end of the day, it shouldn't be about the money--it's about loving your job. I'd rather get paid less doing a job that I love, rather then get paid millions and do something that I hate.

  3. This topic about whether teachers make good money has always been a big issue. Although I've never looked fully into the topic of salary for teachers, I did always hear the fact of how teachers don't make that much and it's not a good profession. But, during my lifetime, I also did hear that teachers CAN and DO make a sufficient amount of money. I know that during my public and high school years, I see teachers come in with Louis Vuitton Bags and scarves and possess a lot of fancy things. But, in my opinion, being a teacher generally needs passion and love. If you do not love what you do, this job will be a nightmare for you. So, as long as you love teaching and get the amount of money to support you, a teacher will be a perfect job for you.