Thursday, May 3, 2012

S.T.A.R. Ice Cream Social

     Thank you for a wonderful year, S.T.A.R. members!
Eleni Handras' Sundae Creation. Delicious!
     On Thursday, April 26, 2012, S.T.A.R. members, SOE students, and friends gathered for the much anticipated Ice Cream Social to celebrate the year's end. With chocolate and vanilla ice cream presented alongside a variety of fun toppings and sweet treats, students made creative and delicious ice cream sundaes. It was a wonderful afternoon in the Sullivan Hall Cafe as friends reminisced about the school year behind them, one that seemed to move much too fast. Many School of Education students were able to reconnect after such a busy year, especially our student teachers who were largely absent from events during normal school hours. Displayed on the projector was a slide show created by S.T.A.R. Coordinator Michael Fallon, which displayed photographs from each event this academic year. All agreed that the SOE Barbeque, Halloween Extravaganza, and Holiday Cards for Troops events seemed to occur such a short time ago. Remembering all the exciting get togethers that occurred throughout the year truly put the success of the S.T.A.R. Program into perspective.
     Finally, the Ice Cream Social served as a means to discuss the year ahead. With S.T.A.R. becoming an established and popular program, the coordinators anticipate an even more successful semester this fall. Not only will many of the past year's events occur again, but there are many new exciting social gatherings, service activities, and professional development opportunities in the works for the future. S.T.A.R. will undoubtedly continue to grow with each school year. The coordinators warmly thank all participants who displayed such enthusiasm and dedication to the program this year. Without such members, S.T.A.R. would not be where it is today.

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