Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Topic of the Week: Study Strategies

It's that time of year again! With final exams only a week away, we want to know how you've been preparing. For this week's discussion, let's talk study strategies.  
What study habits work for you? How do you prepare for a big exam? For upperclassmen, any words of advice for freshmen about to take their first round of finals at St. John's? 

The Study Guides and Strategies website, http://www.studygs.net/ is an excellent resource for all your studying needs. Here you'll find a variety of study tips and tricks, along with techniques to better manage your time and prepare for exams. 
For a list of quiet study hours and locations on campus, click here.
Finally, we encourage all S.T.A.R. participants to take the time to meet with their mentor or buddy one last time before the close of the semester. Tomorrow's event, Holiday Cards for Troops at 1:50pm in the Sullivan Hall Cafe, will be a great opportunity to do so.

Good luck!


  1. I stay on top of my work. I make sure to do my work with plenty of time to spare.

  2. When this time of year rolls around, the most important things I need to remember are: not to procrastinate and not the cram.
    Its vital to organize study time and not just wait until the day before an exam.

    What I feel works best for me in studying is writing up review sheets with important terms that may show up on an exam. When I write things, rather than just reading them, I feel like I remember the information easier. After I write up a review sheet, I like to compare it to other students in my class to fill in any missing information.

    If at any point you feel that your missing some important notes, you can always email your professor or classmates with any questions.

    The best thing about finals week (the only good thing about it) is that once its all over, its the holiday season!

    Good luck everyone and have a great holiday season!

    - Rita Tautonico

  3. The key for staying sane through finals is maintaining a healthy routine despite the stress and craziness. The less sleep you get and the worse you are eating, the more stressed out you will be on top of all of your finals. Do your best to plan out all of your studying a week or two beforehand, so that you know you will have enough time to cover all of your study material.

    If you find that you are having a very difficult time with one of your classes or you're not getting the grades you hoped you would, stop by the University Learning Commons! The ULC is St. John's own free tutoring center, located on the first floor of the library across from the Cafe. We offer tutoring in all core subjects ranging from science and math to philosophy and theology, plus everything in between. Check it out in person or look up our schedule at www.ulc.mywconline.com by taking a moment to register. I promise that a few tutoring sessions will help you a lot with your finals, and they are great ways to relieve stress at this difficult time in the semester.

  4. Wow it seems as though the semester just started! With finals approaching, I know the best thing for me is to space my time out. Studying a little at a time and in advance helps me retain more information then cramming. Also, studying for several hours at a time just gives me a headache. This said, I like to start by tackling one class at a time going over my notes plus key points my professor discussed and then taking a break before I move on. Sometimes it is also good to study with a friend because two minds are better than one.

    I wish everyone lots of luck on their finals and Happy Holidays!!

  5. I am a huge advocate of creating study guides, something I begin doing as soon as the year begins. With each textbook chapter or lesson covered in class, I update my study guide to include important concepts and words I'll have to memorize for exams. That way, there is minimal preparation I have to do when finals arrive; I already have a study guide ready for reviewing!
    I have also found that having a study buddy really helps me to stay focused. I love going to the library, a bookstore, or Starbucks to study with a friend. Even if we're not studying for the same exam, I find myself more motivated to do work and get a great deal accomplished when I'm working with someone else.
    Of course, I have to add in the importance of taking study breaks and setting aside time to relax during such a stressful time of year. Grab a cup of coffee with your S.T.A.R. buddy, go for a run, or watch a movie to put your mind at ease. St. John's Winter Carnival is also a great time to do so (and of course, tomorrow's Holiday Cards for Troops event!) Best of luck to everyone!

  6. I agree with Sam! It is really important that you
    Are consistent and have a routine. I usually
    Schedule my days as to what I will study, how
    Much time I will study and do work for each class. I set
    A goal of how much I need to finish each day
    And what I should be done with by the end of
    The week.