Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Cards for Troops

On December 7th, in the Sullivan Hall Cafe, S.T.A.R. hosted its first annual "Holiday Cards for Troops" event.  It proved to be an exciting afternoon as mentors, buddies, and other students from the School of Education took the time to create wonderfully decorated holiday cards to send to the brave men and women of our nation, many of whom cannot spend the holiday season with their families this year. Over 50 cards were created, each one containing a unique, personalized message expressing appreciation for the sacrifices members of the U.S. Armed Forces make to protect our freedom. The S.T.A.R. Coordinators mailed the cards to the American Red Cross, who, working with Pitney Bowes, a mail stream technology company, will collect and distribute them to American service members and their families throughout the world. Thank you to all who sent a "touch of home" to our troops.

For more photos from the event, click here.


  1. Thank you everyone who came to our spectacular event! I couldn't believe how creative and thoughtful some of the cards were; I am positive they will all put a smile on a service member's face this holiday season. Don't forget to send us your photos!
    Be sure to check back periodically for next semester's S.T.A.R. events, guaranteed to be even better than the last! If you have any suggestions or ideas for our upcoming events, shoot us an email and we will certainly bring it up at future meetings. Remember, your feedback is important and we love hearing from our members! Good luck to all on final exams and have a wonderful holiday season :)

  2. When I first heard that S.T.A.R. was hosting an event to make holiday cards for the soldiers overseas, I was enthralled with the opportunity to give a little something back to our troops and provide a little more sunshine to their day.
    While we each had our different and innovative ways of going about making our cards, the message was one and the same: to bring about the holiday spirit and express our gratitude for their years of service. No matter whom our cards are able to reach, I trust that they will play a positive influence in showing those group of soldiers that there are those back home that do care for them.

    Having a brother, Lance, who unfortunately lost his life six years ago fighting in the war, it does have a significant meaning to me to be able to reach out to other men and women fighting for our country. As they risk their lives everyday to ensure our protection and freedom, it's great when we get to show them appreciation, no matter how we go about doing so. Even though they don't have the privilege to physically see their family and friends back home on a regular basis, I'm glad there are ways we can still reach out to them with our love, support, encouragement and expressions to make this Holiday season that much more brighter for them.

  3. I was so disappointed that I wasn't able to attend this event! I grew up on an Air Force Base in Guam, and so I love the idea of sending holiday cards to the troops overseas. The service members who receive the cards you created are bound to appreciate your best wishes.

    The holidays are very tough on families who are separated, as many service members' families are. Several of my friends in high school didn't get to see their parents for a year, while their parents were in the Middle East. What most people don't realize is that it's just as hard on the families back home as it is on the troops in the field.

    Hopefully these cards will show the men and women in our military just how much we appreciate everything they do and sacrifice for their country.

  4. I really wished I could have came. I have heard nothing but how much fun and how people learned at this event. I know that the men and women in service will appreciate our cards that will be sent to them.