Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The Stressbusters program enhances campus life by continuously training and dispatching teams of students to give free and effective backrubs, health information and resource referrals at events, residence halls, study halls and wherever else the stressed gather!
Stressbusters bust stress with far-reaching benefits that address today’s top barriers to academic success:
  • Studies demonstrate that the type of backrubs provided by Stressbusters reduce anxiety, heart rate, blood pressure and depression.
  • Stressbusters provides convenient relaxation breaks for large numbers of sometimes hard-to-reach students and staff where they live, work and play.
  • Stressbusters gives student participants re-occurring stress reduction training, service engagement opportunities and social support connections.
  • Popular Stressbusters events serve as permanent vehicles for health information, screenings, referrals and other wellness resources.
We are in the company of many other universities who have seen the need to make wellness and stress reduction a priority for their campuses (Columbia, Brown, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, NYU).
The Stressbusters program provides much more than just back rubs.  Its stress-relief focus attracts students and staff from all corners of campus, providing sustained and diverse opportunities to address many interrelated health issues, prevention strategies and support services:
  • Training, Engagement and Support for Hundreds of Students
  • Linking Students and Staff with Campus Wellness Resources
  • Connecting and Advancing Healthier Campus Initiatives
Stressbusters cultivates continuous working relationships between campus leaders, student organizations, administrative departments, and even faculty.  As a result, it can be used to build and expand a community wellness network and enhance healthier campus initiatives.

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