Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Which MetroCard Should I Use?

MetroCard offers you several ways to save on your commute.  Whether you choose the Pay-Per-Ride bonus card or one of the Unlimited Ride options, how much you save depends on how often you ride.  To help you figure out which card is best for you, use this chart:

Number of RidesBuy This CardCostYour Cost Per Ride
Occasional$10 Pay-Per-Ride
($10.70 value with 7% bonus)
14 per week
20 per week
7-Day Unlimited$29$2.07
50 per month
60 per month
30-Day Unlimited$104$2.08
Express Bus Rider
5 days per week (10 rides)
7-Day Express Bus Plus$50$5.00
Occasional Express Bus Rider$10 Pay-Per-Ride
($10.70 value with 7% bonus)


  1. I have never personally used any of the Metro Cards besides the regular $10 one for occasional use. Tip: Save your card and refill it so that the leftover change that always ends up on the card won't go to waste. It adds up in the end!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Lauren.

  3. I commute to school everyday and the weekly metro card works best!

  4. Hi Ergi, glad to hear that you use the weekly metrocard. Do you know about the shuttle buses that are offered by STJ?