Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Student Convocation

It was both a productive and enjoyable day here at St. John's as the new School of Education students received a warm welcome from faculty, staff, and fellow students. We as the S.T.A.R. Coordinators hope that all freshman and transfer students are as excited as we are for the upcoming school year; it was wonderful finally being able to meet all of you!
After welcoming speeches from faculty, staff, and fellow St. John's students,  the new SOE students filled out necessary paperwork which will aid in the pairing of S.T.A.R. mentors and buddies, signed up for the LAST, and finally, set up a TEACH online account, which will prove vital in completing the steps necessary to becoming a teacher. We thank everyone for their cooperation and patience during this process, especially after such a long day!
We look forward to seeing everyone again at the upcoming School of Education events, especially during the barbecue on September 15th, when all the new students' mentors will be revealed.
Again, if you have any questions about S.T.A.R. or the School of Education, please do not hesitate to stop by the School of Education Office in Sullivan Hall, room G-06.

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  1. I hope all of our incoming Freshman and transfer students had a great time at Convocation and came out to the Great Lawn to see our table.
    Don't forget the Activities Fair is coming up. If you didn't get to talk to us at Convocation you can come talk to us at the booth.